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24 aprile 2021 – Con Ale Quacchia, in MTB, integrale della Serra, dalla Broglina fino a San Giacomo. Da San Giacomo proseguito a mezzacosta fino al Maletto. Ritorno per la Via Francigena il più possibile

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Preview photos by “Foo Gallery”: here is possible to sort by filename.

Here the same gallery with “DiviLife Pro Masonry Gallery”. It’s impossible to sort by file name – using the “default” picking up from the gallrery the order is reversed, from the more recent to the oldest of the gallery.
I’d really would like to use your DIVI LIFE Masonry gallery with this bug fixed, because in my website i use very large galleries with hundreds/thousands of photos in it. Example my trail running races pages. They MUST be sorted by first runners to the last runner passing. This is impossible, if you leave the “defalut”. Totally useless the value “random”, for my purpose, obviously.
Of course i use galleries filled up with photos with auto-numbering file names, increasing from 0001 to xxxx, before loading on media library, giving this way the exact order they should appear, if this sorting value would be possible to be choosen.

I know how to fix it manually, but every time DIVI theme is updated, i should edit manually the script.
Please help me adding this sorting creteria, thank you.